KuraMANGA, NO. 08: When Exactly is Winter? ⁣⁣(September)

[Ed. note: Read along from top-right to lower-left!]

※ Kimura-san, what do you mean when you say “this winter”?
※ uh.

※ Is it the end of December?
※ uhh.

※ January is winter! February is winter! March is winter!
※ No! March is already spring!

※ Uhhhhhh… it’s winter until the cherry blossoms bloom… it’s winter until the cherry blossoms bloom…

※ Captain! Something on the radar! No! My god!

※ Something—a huge meteorite! It’s headed straight toward earth!

※ No! The meteor is on a collision course! The impact will cause a new ice age! That means… permanent winter!

※ [Barfly Kurashima] Oooh thish winter s’gonna be a long one…
※We’re about 72% of the way to completion of the game, or global extinction!
※ Nice one!

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