An old guy who loves all, and nurtures all love, whose kisses are filled with love's energy, who will save the people from a nightmare world, who will drop dead at a glance.

A veritable custard pudding of a princess, who the Baron fell for at first sight. He says he loves her so much he wants to eat her. "Ah, the sweet scent of vanilla beans!"

Youngest of the three love-starved witches. She enjoys social media takedowns. Using her power to turn words into weapons, she rampages on her demonic Snake Tongue??!

Eldest and roundest of the three love-starved witches. Is hungry for something, but not sure what so relieves her frustration with hamburgers. She rampages on the demon Futopolis!

Second eldest and slimmest of the three love-starved witches. Hates being alone, but also hates people. She's surrounded by emotional barriers! She rampages on the demon Dralin!

In Babastille, the city's oppression is always present, crushing those who love. 'Energy' is needed to fight back, but beware: the city's touch is fatal.

To love, you need passion. Fruits, that is! Bananas, cherries, mangos and peaches all provide a boost of energy to help in a squeeze! And the most valuable is the Melon Barrier!

Hearts hold energy too! Small ones a little, large ones give lots! The bigger the hearts grow, the more points they give and the more Debuildings they repel when they explode!