Baby is magical existence.

December is the very impressive month every year.

Something start often.
Something finish often.

By the way, One of my board Game group meeting have been finished in this month. It was very good meeting for me to have a new experience  about new game rule often. But most impressive experience was this after all.

It is not about game.

One couple of this group,they are charming and very kind friend. They had a new baby. And They wanted me to cuddle their baby!!

I can not refuse ^^;
This Baby was so pretty and so cute and tiny boy..
And I noticed he is afraid of me…  wow..oh shit..



But I wanted to say to him “I am afraid of you too!!”.
Even though you are so cute !!

What a beautiful feeling this is!
I felt he was so small and very fragile but,he was very energetic.
He was magical and wonder existence!!

oh baby .. baby is like this. it moves my mind so much every time.
I remember that I used baby photos in Little king’s story for boss character TV dinner.
That baby was one of development staff of that time.

Am I am going to make someone’s baby appear in my game some day in future again?

My favorite  board game group have been finished,but this baby’s life started 🙂

Something magical started.

Yoshiro Kimura