Brainstorming with good fellows

(hi guys,I am still trying to write about my daily story in english:-)

Can I write the new story of …?
I say I am professional game designer,but I feel I suspect my self often.
I had a strong frustration recently.
Because I could not get new inspiration for adventure game.
I was thinking next piece ,something new ideas of like moon or like Chulip past few months.
But I was not able to  get something new idea.

Starbucks coffee dose not help me at all.

I was thinking in starbucks of shinjuku3choume. and I was thinking in my house a lot.
It was so difficult for me.
My brain melt down quickly.And,I slept automatically like death.

And I did not notice my head became like volcanos.




And…One day…
My Head exploded suddenly!




After explosion of my head
I thought I need help of my friends for making my head quiet.
I e-mailed to fellows and We had a meeting.

It was very long time.
First of all we were discussing about something new concept.
We had a various theme .
But,one guy said to me “I want you to talk about what you like to do now.”

“now? in real life?”

And I was talking about my ambition on the road in real life. And I started to talk about  trauma of the past unconsciously.

And I vomited all what I was feeling.

For example,I was talking about dissatisfaction of Chulip, dissatisfaction moon,my childhood strange story,the story of communication with animals ,trauma of sex, major incident of adult era, and the strange peoples I have met in my life.

And strangely enough, I got one inspiration from this discussing.

“I should start to write about it. Even though I do not know it can become videogame or not.”

And I can continue to think again.


Yoshiro Kimura