Hand drawing GDD of Onion Games

Hi guys.
I never anticipated that it was so hard for me to write blog once a week. But I still continue I show what I am doing as game designer.


Let me start from the rest of the last diary. I was writing that our making indie game is like a exploring cave. I want to talk about MAP for cave adventure today.

Indie game explorer without map
I am sure,If I prepare  map, It is very convenient for developing video game. And this map is called Game design document. But I noticed this thought was very workaholic. so I gave up to prepare proper beautiful game design document in this project.

Mean that, we do not have proper map for adventure of this cave.


But our project have this rough map.

Like this..


I said I stopped  to make proper beautiful GDD, but we have something surely.
I started to make my handwrite GDD for team since 8 month ago.
This is not proper one. This is not beautiful at all!!

What is important for my making game?

I am still thinking what is good for my style everyday. But I am sure. Hand drawing is very good for my brain. I can order my thoughts easily.

Entertaining people, Honesty, Good fellows, Hand drawing, it seems these are very important for my making game.

Oh, my fellows..
When I was talking insignificant rubbishy idea to them, they showed me their strange questioning face.

I like this honesty.
I love you guys.

To Be continued

Yoshiro Kimura 2013 feb 4