Handmade boad game of Onion.

I participated in GameMarket 2013 winter.

This is Indie Game Market .but this is not video game festival.
This festival is for Board game and table talk game.



And I made and show this.

New Chess “Onions and shadows”

I Love meeting for playing boad game with friend.
I think I like the sense I can get while we are playing.

I am very interested in the face of people’s happiness and sadness while they are playing.
They show many kind of face.

“Sense of accomplishment”,”Feeling that want to win”,”Face of suspicion”,”Face of trust”,”Mind that I’ll want to attack”,”conservative mind”

I am very glad when I can discover people’s emotion.
While I am playing board game with my friend.
I am feeling like this.
“Oh? really? you react like this as a one of human?”



By the way I discover impressive human’s face at the table of our place in Game Market also.
That is difference between adults and children.They show me each different face while they play my game.

Adults are very careful playing for each move with serious face. They are thinking next next next next step for not lose pawn. And they want to play without fails. They need plenty of time to think at their turn.

“This is game. Please play easily”
I was talking to them without voice.

But,Children are playing the game more easily with face of curiosity. They move a pawn very quickly without deep thought. They are not bothering from anything and not worried about anything. They experience a lot of win and lose. They challenge again and again.
“Please think a little before you move. please”
I was talking to them without voice.


This Is really the difference between adult and child ?

It may be the difference between the way of life?

Which temper is good ?
“the temper of who want to play without fails” or “the temper of who want to play with impulse” ?

While I am watching their playing. I was questioning to my self unconsciously,
“Which temper am I living with?”

Yoshiro Kimura