Hello to the world from Drifting onion

I am the one of game designer who is living in the island that earthquake happen a lot. I did make Onion Games last year, but I could not work for it for some reason.

 Finally I can start the activity of “Onion Games” recently.
I can answer  about this question now.

“What is Onion Games ?”

“Onion Games is tiny team for making indie game. ”

“We are working in Sinjuku 3choume near the Marunouchi Line. ”
I was making games for Game console.
For example, My works are Little king’s story, Chulip,moon,Rule of Rose … and so on. I was working as director or producer or writing story. or I was drawing simple story board sometime.

I have spend the time half of my life.
Fortunately my works have a color of myself a lot. so I love my own past work very much. It was really happy that I could have produced some my works in the big japanese video game industry.
I respect them very much.

But I think I start to walk another way from now on for my videogame.
I must make the new place, I must explore to new horizon which I do not know.


Please Let me drift like this.
and let me go to another dimension.
Even if it is very strange and crazy. I wii be feeling OK.

Yoshiro kimura