How much one cup of coffee in app store.

This is Taniguchi-san who is very good man.

Left side of this picture, This is Taniguchi-san who is composer of Chulip, and some other lovedelic games.
I respect him very much.and I drink a cup of coffee with him sometime.

Once we start to talk,we never end.
We talk about not only music,but also movie and game, strange news ,storage people etc etc.
He is not only composer for my game. he is very good friend. He is one of person who can stand in front of my crazy story.

By the way, we went a little expensive cafe at ebisu recently. And while we were walking to cafe,we were talking about price of it.
“how much ?” I asked to him.
“Maybe it will expensive a little.” he answered.
I was wondering “where dose he take me to ? hotel restaurant? ”


In tokyo, people can go very very poor cafe or expensive cafe.
You can buy a cup of coffee,
it will be 100yen of Macdonald, or 360yen of Starbuck,or 1000yen incredibly expensive coffee at hotel restaurant.
“hum hum kimura-san” My tiny onion asked me “it is like a iPhone game price hum hum..”
And onion continued like this.
“Which cafe do you prefer to drink with Taniguchi-san ? 100yen coffee? or you buy iPhone game?”

I answered to tiny onion “I go to coffee of course.”

Having a coffee with friend is very happy more than anything.
It is priceless for me that I can talk about stupid things and discuss life with my friend.
Even though I love video-game, but I prefer talking with him more than purchase to app store.
This is true and honest.

And after having a coffee and chatting a lot with him.
I was whispering to my onion “Don’t think about video game price too much.”

yoshiro kimura