I like town without jingle bells

Jingle Bells is too noisy for me.

Even though I love santa claus.

Now, Tokyo is full of Christmas music.it is too noisy for me.

chrismas tokyo

but I like walk around in the town. I love my town.
There is a building of man-made, there is a lot of artifact in the town.
There are a back alley and  a strange place ,strange people.
If I walk slowly or I stop on the road,I can see different things a lot.

When I found something,
I took photos, I write record immediately.

I love some small favorite event and place in town,for example, the event that I saw the strange person is talking to me continuously at the escalator of subway, the event I saw the very wild man start to talk like baby to the nurse in the hospital suddenly, the event I feel very good cool air behind that shrine, the event I found the strange house which have a small door at the outside wall of 2nd floor without meaning.


When I found these kind of place,I often took photos or I write record.
Or I return to the same place again and again for watching.

It is like treasure box of town that I can feel something from my eye.it is not movie,it is not video game. I feel these memory are my jewel.it is much rich than any kind of entertainment.

By the way,the town is full of chiristmas music.
Jingle Bells song are telling to people “Eat more” and “Buy more” and “Have a sex more”.
It seems that my favorite world is out side of these Jingle Bells suggestions.

yoshiro kimura