humble naked man of Shinjuku

Even though I don’t like the word “if”, 

But I often ask to my self “if”.


While I am walking around street  of shinjuku 3-choume without drinking beer.

I was thinking about my stupidity.

“If I am wiser,I will have better life?”
What a ridiculous question to myself !!

“If my past work succeeded more ,Am I working for making game much better now?”
It is stupid question. but I can not stop to think about it.

And also I continue to ask to my self automatically,
“If I am more famous ,If I am much wiser, I use kickstarter?”
“If my past work sold well,then I could have work as a producer in big famous publisher ?”
These thought is incredibly stupid and ridiculous.

Unfortunately my work was not sold well.
I must admit that I was bad producer for the company.
It is very true:-(

but,My onion ask to me  like this also.
“Unfortunately?  Really?”

I remember what I was.

I was like a knight in armor called producer.
I was like a knight in armor called officer of company.

And that armor was heavy ,hard ,very serious, and it was cursed by the spell called “arrogance”.

Fortunately,I am able to take off this armor recently.

I became humble naked man of Shinjuku.


Fortunately,I can think my future and new game ideas.
And fortunately I am able to be walking around street of shinjuku-3chome without drinking beer.

Yoshiro Kimura