Japanese Explorer of Indie Game.

Hi guys, finally I am going to start something like a DEV diary of my project.
I will write something like a diary of explorer in the cave.

I think I should show good and bad things both.

I am walking on bumpy road. I do not want pretend this is very beautiful flat road.
So, This is not a hopeful blog:-)
And I want to tell you something before I start.



Game designer who was dropped out from Japanese Consumer game industry

Actually, people often ask me “Did you retire?”
NO! NO! I am not giving up making game!
But people says to me “ I thought kimura-san is spending the rest of his life wealthy”
Fuck off! NO! Definitely NOT! I am looking for a way to survive desperately.
I am not retired from game industry.
I am walking on the new way which is very different from my past.
I was looking for my new door of life.
 I was struggling for changing my life, changing my self since 4 or 5 years ago.
And I am struggling still now on for this theme.

My theme is…like this

“I make game what I want to make.
And I sell directly to customers.
And I survive with it.
Is it possible for me?”

***Struggling man and My character ***

I know how difficult it is.
I know only few person can do it in the world. And they are very great men who have very great skills, of programming and visual and sound in one person.
And I am not a kind of man unfortunately. Even though I can do all, my skill is very low.

But I asked to my heart.

A Little kimura in my heart, he said,
“Do it! Do It! You must do! Make your strange world again!”

TO be continued.