Japanese Indie Game Typhoon of November

By the way,
Do you know Japanese Climate?

Do you know japan climate is very strange recently?
How is climate in your land?

Recently small earthquake happen a lot. And temperature change a lot in japan.
And some typhoon came a lot after autumn.

World people don’t notice Japanese indie game scene like they don’t notice Japanese climate change now.

I want to tell you like this.Can you believe?
“Something happened at November 2013 for japanese indie game scene”
Japanese Indies started to exhibit a lot of game to audience recently.

New Indie game festival of Japan started!?
There were two events in this month.
One is Tokyo Location Test game show in akihabara, and other one is Digital Game Expo in kamata.

Comic market is famous otaku festival of japan not only video game but also they show a lot of comic and cosplay.
Usually indies go to show their video games in comic market.
But new place appeared called Digital Game Expo.

Digital Game EXPO is the first rare event of exhibiting original video games without comic market.
This is special indie game developer’s event for all game fun.

I felt something that new phenomenon started with very clear philosophy for future.
“Make game freely”
“Exhibit Game freely”
“You are freedom”

Even though I am Japanese, but It was not easy for me to find out Japanese indie game usually.
But I found a lot in this November.I must say this is miracle month.

And I noticed Japanese Indie Game Typhoon will be coming very soon to the world.

I hope I can join it in near future.I hope I can.

Yoshiro Kimura

by the way I  took some photos of Japanese indie game in this month
You can watch this Gallery, if you like.