KickStarterMan of british with typhoon

I had a meeting with mr.John szczepaniak the last friday.

I invited him to my home.
And we ate pizza and drunk some beer.


kimura & Mr john szczepaniak


He is the man who try to make a book of japanese video game.

The Untold History of Japanese Game Developer.

He came here at the day when new typhoon was coming to tokyo and it  was incredibly windy and rainy.
I have to call him “the man of typhoon” 🙂

I wanted to know what he is. And I was interested in what he was going to ask me.
After all, He asked me about my past story a lot, moon,rule of rose,chulip, etc.
And I answered good and bad story both a lot.His question was very maniac.

“Did I talk about past too much?”
I am suspecting my self often like this when I talk to people.
But maybe, it was necessary for me to talk about past to somebody.
So it was ok.


By the way, while he is interviewing with me, I was thinking different things.
It is about Kick starter of him. He is making book with the money from crowd funding called kick starter. I think he is brave man. His doing is like a real adventure game.

This man was traveling over the sea from far away land, and he is meeting a lot of japanese developer.And he is trying to make interesting book.
I felt very much his ambition of his life and his love for video game.
Why is he coming? Why is he interested in me? why? why?
Maybe, this theme “The untold history of japanese game developers”  must be very important for him.
And I think he can not stop his impulse of creating  this book.

After he went back, I was thinking about my self and kick starter in rain.

Honestly I say “I am very afraid of kick starter and people’s judgement.”
But if I can get strong impulse from my heart, Can I stand in front of audience like him?

My impulse will be coming to my heart or not?
I do not know yet.

Yoshiro kimura