Kimura’s Diary: On “Cows”

Hello everyone.

This is Kimura-san, your indie-videogame-making Uncle.
As you know, I’m currently hard at work developing a new RPG.

Today, I’d like to talk about “cows”.

In this world, there are very talented “professionals”,
who can create exactly what they’ve been assigned.

Sadly, I am not such a game developer.

For example, if someone asked me to make X,
I probably couldn’t do it.

In that sense, I am not a “professional”.
Well, then, what am I?
In short, I am a “cow”.

One day, in the Swiss countryside,
I was on a farm, watching cows.

You’d see these cows, they’d eat some grass,
and then they’d move to a tree to lick something.

As it turns out, there was a “salt lick” suspended from a tree branch…

They’d eat grass, and then they’d lick the salt.
Eat grass, lick salt, eat grass, lick salt…
Back and forth, endlessly.

At the time I thought, “cows are ridiculous”,
but the longer I think about it,
I realize that I’m just like those cows.

Chulip is a silly “yang” game.
Rule of Rose is a melancholic “yin” game.
Dandy Dungeon is a “yang” game.
Black Bird is a “yin” game.

In other words, I might be just like those cows,
endlessly going back and forth between point A and B,
just giving in to the whims of my appetite.

I wonder which way our next game will lean.

To be honest, I won’t really know until it is finished,
and even I am looking forward to seeing how it will turn out.

Anyway, here is a question for you.

Is this “Western-style house” going to be
a “yin” worldview, or a “yang” worldview?

What do you think?

October 29, 2022
Your Indie Game Making Uncle

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