Kimura’s Diary: On The “Customary Cave”

Hello everyone.

This is Kimura-san, your indie-videogame-making Uncle.
As you know, I’m currently hard at work developing a new RPG.
Everything has been progressing steadily, little by little.
Today, though, I’d like to talk a little about the “Customary Cave.”

Sometimes, when I’m making a game, it feels like I’m in a dream.

In the dream, I’m exploring a dark cave, equipped only with a simple torch.
It’s dark, it’s dank, and you can barely see a foot in front of your face.
But, you forge ahead, armed with the belief that at the end, there will be treasure.
I’m in that cave again, and I’ve been feeling all those same feelings.

You get lost.
You make mistakes.
You butt up against enemies.
But sometimes, sometimes, you stumble upon treasure…

You know how, all over social media, you’ll see people giving out “hints and tricks for making videogames”?

Development tips… debugging tips… localization tips…

These tips, they rarely become “torches”.

Aren’t games always born purely out of someone’s mind…
A mind, lost in a cave…
A cave that’s just part of a dream?

Oh, by the way…

Not too long ago, I dreamed about walking through “The Land of Roses”.

June 25, 2022
Your Indie Game Making Uncle

PS: This is what a dream of roses looks like. ↓

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