Kimura’s Diary: On The “Rose-Tinted World”

Hello everyone.

This is Kimura-san, your indie-videogame-making Uncle.
As you know, I’m currently hard at work developing a new RPG.
Today, I want to talk about this “Rose-Tinted World”.

It seems that number of Japanese developers making indie games is going up dramatically. And now, last month saw the debut of a TV drama called “Atom’s Last Shot“, about a solo, auteur, indie game making genius.

What an amazing time we live in!
I can’t believe there’s a TV show like this in Japan!
…But it’s kind of weird. It’s honestly not super interesting.
Maybe because there is no “drudgery” in it?

In the real world of indie games, there are many more frustrated developers than successful ones. What you thought was going to be a bright, rose-tinted future turns out to actually be stained red with blood!

In reality, the world of indie games is more about getting tossed into a muddy, bloody battlefield.

Maybe it’s just that this show doesn’t portray that bloody exhaustion that many indie game developers have.

During the development of a game, you are constantly bleeding out your own living expenses and other labor costs, and you never know if the next transfusion will show up in time for the game to make it to release.

Even then — and even if you make an outrageously interesting game — there is no guarantee that it will see huge sales.

And even though we know that in advance, we game developers have to keep working to maximize our productivity. We have to keep pushing forward.

Indie game developers are basically bizarre creatures that are constantly running, laughing, and playing chess, all while bleeding profusely.

Anyway, we’re going to keep working hard to complete the new RPG!

I’m pretty sure that we’ll be completely drained dry by the time it’s finished, so when that time comes, please do have a look at the game (and maybe buy it if you can 😅)!

November 24, 2022
Your Indie Game Making Uncle

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