KuraMANGA, NO. 05: The Terror of Tanabata (July)

[Ed. note: Read along from top-right to lower-left!]

※ Pulling an all-nighter again…

※ I wish I could be stronger and work more without getting wiped out…

※ Heh heh heh… did someone say wish?

※ The thing is, the things we wish for do come true, but with that comes the negative…
All the good things, all the bad things, they happen together in a balance!

※ That’s life, huh?
I don’t even really believe wishing for things makes them come true.

※ Hey, uh, what are your wishes like, Luck-san?

※ [Demon Lord Fortress Designer Luck-san] Heh heh heh… I wish… to become a Demon Lord!
I want my own dungeon! Where people try to defeat me!

※ [Frightened Villagers]
※ Great one!

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