KuraMANGA, NO. 06: This Efficient Life (August)

[Ed. note: Read along from top-right to lower-left!]

※ The world’s sort of a mess lately, isn’t it…
※ Work more efficiently! Live more efficiently!

※ These are tough times…

※ But, we do actually want to make our games efficiently, don’t we?
※ Yeah! Detailed design docs! Make lists! Prioritize tasks!

※ Keep everything stable and organized! Organized!!

※ But aren’t games just a way to kill time?
※ What if games are a waste of everyone’s life?
※ How do you know when to just trash something?
※ Maybe they are just inefficient garbage.

※ [intense ethereal whooshing]

※ Maybe we’re toiling away on something completely useless…
※ But… that’s exactly why… I try to add one unforgettable treasure in every game…
※ Great one!

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