KuraMANGA, NO. 10: A Meeting About Music (November)

[Ed. note: Read along from top-right to lower-left!]

※ Every Thursday at 8:00 p.m., at a certain place in Tokyo…
A secret meeting about music is held…
※ [Thelonious Monkee, Masanori Adachi] OK.
※ [Thelonious Monkee, Hirofumi Taniguchi] Let’s get to it.

※ So, for this scene… We’ll need a song with a normal, lonesome feeling.
※ Sure, what do you mean by “lonesome”?
What is “normal”?

※ [Unintelligible anguish]

※ And, for this scene… it’s important to capture a sense of adventure.
※ You mean, it’s a musical representation of the player’s point of view?

※ [Unintelligible anguish]

※ And so, the Q&A session comes to an end…
But then…

※ Small-talk time begins!

※ The Beatles’ new song…
※ Strength training is so good!
※ Doesn’t it seem like more famous people have been dying lately?
※ We’re all going to die someday, aren’t we?
※ Hahahaha!
※ What? We’re spending more time chatting than working??
※ Hahahaha!
※ Well, everything’s gonna work out.

※ Every Thursday night rolls by just like so…
※ Nice one!

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