KuraMANGA, NO. 11: Leaving 2023 Behind (December)

[Ed. note: Read along from top-right to lower-left!]

※ Looking back, this year has been a difficult one…
※ Let’s make all the animation and sound perfect for the first part of the game!

※ Okay!

※ The sound effects are ready!
※ The battle music is ready!
※ We threw in some forest music, too!

※ Next up: optimizing the Switch version…

[March 2023]
※ The test build is ready!
※ Measuring processing speed! Optimization is go!

[Summer 2023]
※ How about the submarine section?
※ On it right now!
※ Way ahead of you!

[September 2023]
※ Then I’m all-in getting to work on the story!
※ I’m on fire!

[December 2023]
※ Wait… what? There’s still so much that needs doing!

※ The year might be over, but… the fight must go on! I have to do it!
※ I’ll take a little new year’s break and get back at it until it’s finished!

※ Do it!

※ Thank you so much for all your support this year. We look forward to seeing you in the new year!
※ Nice one!

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