KuraMANGA, NO. 12: The “I’m So Sorry” Issue (January)

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※ There’s… no way I can finish it “this winter”…
I totally failed at scheduling backwards…

[Dusk, January 2024]
※ To whom it may concern: the players, the staff, Nintendo-san…
I am truly so sorry…

※ There’s just… not enough time…

[Beautiful PR Manager Ms. Tsukiyono]
※ For indie devs, “time” is the same as “budget”, right?
Why not have another look at the budget and sales forecasts?

※ Sales forecasts, how terrifying… I’m too scared to even think about it!
※ A lot of players are looking forward to it!

※ Or maybe… no one’s looking forward to it…

[Emergency Meeting]
※ What about a fancy special edition?
※ What about a soundtrack?
※ What about figures?

※ AAAAAHHHHH! NO TO EVERYTHING! I don’t even know if anyone will want to buy those things!!

※ I guess… I’ll just have to ask people directly…

※ Everyone! Commence Operation: Customer Survey!
※ Nice one!

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