KuraMANGA, NO. 14: The “Spring/Summer Meat Storm”

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※ [In Which the Development Team Holds Its Spring Meat Festival]
※ Sometimes, you just need a break…
※ Let’s drink to meat and making games!
※ [Everyone] Bottoms upppp!
※ [March 2024, a certain day, a certain southeastern region]

※ Meat! Meat! Meat! Nothing but meat!
※ We ate a ton, and drank a ton!
※ And the drunken chit-chat blossomed!

※ Like Taniguchi-san’s ramen experience!
※ I jusht love ramen so mush!

※ And Adachi-san’s Netflix story!
※ Anything good on there?
※ Uhhh, I don’t remember♪

※ Luck-san’s wild art theory babbling!
※ Adding randomness to long-established practice is a waste of time!
※ What does that even mean…

※ And Mr. Kimura’s romantic gossip…
※ Young people! Fall in looooove!

※ And so, the Onions wiled away that spring night…

※ Well, the break has come to an end! Tomorrow let’s all get back to work!
※ Nice one!

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