KuraMANGA, NO. 15: Game Dev Essentials (April)

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※ Hey newsletter subscribers! What’s the most important thing in game development?

※ *ahem* It’s health!
※ Uh-huhh…
[Beautiful PR Manager Ms. Tsukiyono]

※ Every morning, take an hour-long walk!
※ Track your heart rate with a smart-watch!

※ Give those shoulders a stretch!
※ Don’t drink alcohol on weekdays!

※ Heh heh heh… Give caffeine the boot.
※ Get at least 7 hours of sleep a day!

※ Game development is an arduous process…
※ It’s like a long-distance marathon—

※ …Hang on, when have you ever run a marathon?
That’s really your analogy?
[PR Manager who ran a 42.195km (26.219 mile) marathon for fun]

※ Guess so! Jus’ lemme!
※ Nice one!
※ Is it though?

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