Onions go to Indie Cade!!

Hi guys.
We are going to go IndieCade2014 culver city LA. And we want you to play million onion hotel. Please play and tell me what you feel.

And this is trailer.


Please come and play our game.

Me and taniguchi san join this festival.
Taniguchi is composer of Chulip and moon.
and Kimura’s best frriend.
This million onion hotel’sound is 100% taniguchi-san’s music.
I love it

I was not anticipating that I fly to LA again as indie game developer.
I need big courage like a child of elementary school first year.
I love indie game people of USA.I am afraid of watching a lot of good indie game.but I GO.I MUST GO absolutely.


2014 October 6
Yoshiro Kimura