The story is like galaxy bubble

The story?

I am writing text a lot recently. It is not only writing for Blog but also for the story.

Today,I write about  “the story”.

It is very important for me that I write the story by my own ideas in my life. I am writing something every day really like ill.
And what is “the story” for me?
Making story is that I create the new world that can have me. And I explain that these new world is very fragile bubble. And one of the bubbles may becomes a real universe. I am thinking like this.


I wrote three story today. One is for my very very tiny game. One is for job which I may earn some money. One is very strange story plot like CHULIP ,like moon which is for talking to my friend of far away land.
I wish that these bubbles become real small galaxy someday.


The word is very important element for the space which is final frontier in my heart. I can not explore without words.

You may often think video game don’t need the story.
And someone says “Chess dose not have story” “Puzzle game dose not have story”
but I don’t like making video game without story.
My body and soul says “Think Think Think,you can find out good solution between game and story”

By the way,My tiny onion often says  “I want to feel ecstasy.”
But human race is not living only for ecstasy.
Making story and telling a story and exchanging a thought is also very human’s fav.

Even though it may be very very fragile bubble.

“Hey! My tiny onion! Do you understand?”