This is my new game called Million Onion Hotel

Million Onion Hotel

This is my new video game title.
We are going to show this at bitsummit in kyoto.


Game designer: Yoshiro Kimura

Pixel Artist: Kazuyuki Kurashima /

Music Composer: Hirofumi Taniguchi

I intoroduce kurashima san and taniguchi-san.

Kurashima-san is monster designer of Little Kings’s story.
Taniguchi-san is Comporser of Chulip.

I am working with them happily and seriously recently.


Even though this is very tiny work, but I am very glad to introduce my new strange Characters and fellows to the world.

Because this is my poem ,this is my  imagination  100% 🙂

Please keep remind my Million Onion Hotel.

And If you come to Bitsummit of kyoto.
Please touch my world. and chat with me a little.


Yoshiro kimura 2014/feb/20