I Love my creatures

We had a stage for IndieGame at last sunday.
Some Indie game developer was talking in front of public at Odaiba of Tokyo.
We discussed a lot.


There was a very impressive question.
“While you are developing video game,
  When do you feel good?”

It was really interesting question.
When is the best moment of my making video game?

The moment of that I started project ?
The moment of that I completed project?

While our friend are discussing ,I remembered what I felt long long time ago.
When I was 13 years old.I started to make game.
I remember the first experience of my touching 8bit computer.After I was reading short program list of magazine.I wanted to try to use computer at consumer electric shop.
And I started type alphabet without knowing what it is.

20 GOTO 10



Then ,TV Screen became like this 🙂
I was so surprised.
“Alhabet is moving by my typing alphabet !?”

I can not forget this feeling.I have started to learn programing language called BASIC

And My first game programming is Snake.

After a week,I made one small game called  “Walking Walking Game”.

Even though it was not my own idea.but I learned a lot from this snake.

And after that,I made some original small game.
I remember game screen visuals like this.

youngKimuraGame 2

these were very  low quality games.but I felt something good.it was kind of ecstasy.

“Something is moving in the screen by my thought”
“New World appear in TV suddenly like GOD made the world.”

Maybe it was miracle and magical moment.

After all,what is my answer ?

When is the best moment of my making videogame?
Best of my happy time ?

It is happy for me to find out that new strange creatures born in  TV screen by my own way.
This is my answer. How is yours?

Yoshiro Kimura