Announcing: STRAY CHILDREN, for Nintendo Switch

Hello Onion fans everywhere! As you might have spotted in Japan’s latest Nintendo Direct, we are very happy to formally announce, and invite you to enter…

Stray Children, our new RPG, coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

Stray Children is a bittersweet fairytale RPG, created by many of the same people behind beloved cult-classics like Chulip, Little King’s Story, Rule of Rose, Super Mario RPG, and, of course, Moon: Remix RPG Adventure, the game we re-released in English in 2021.

The story of Stray Children begins like so:

One day, a young boy is sucked into a TV set and awakens to find himself in a land made up entirely of children.

So begins the boy’s adventures in this strange and dangerous wonderland.

As you can tell from our regular development diaries and newsletter, work is still heavily underway on the game and its localization, but we have updates planned for you in the future! To stay on top of the latest news, please:


Our newsletter will be the place where we post all new information about Stray Children, before you see it anywhere else!

We hope you’re as excited to enter the world of Stray Children as we are for you to see it!


Come join us in the official Onion Games Discord to let us know how excited you are for Stray Children, and to meet other friendly onions, just like you!