BLACK BIRD Has Been Nominated for a CEDEC Award!

We are honored! Our operatic side-scrolling shooting game Black Bird has just been nominated for best sound design by CEDEC, Japan’s game developer conference awards!

We are in great company, as well — the other nominees are Ace Combat 7, Devil May Cry 5, and even Tetris Effect for PlayStation VR! Man.. all these games are great!

If you haven’t tried Black Bird yet, you can buy it for Windows and Mac by clicking here, and for your Nintendo Switch by clicking here! You can also see more at our Black Bird webpage over here.


Black Bird‘s synchronized soundtrack was composed by the great Hirofumi Taniguchi. He’s also written the music for games like our own Million Onion Hotel, Chulip, and even Chibi-Robo! for the GameCube! The soundtrack for the game is available as an optional download on Steam, or you can even buy Side 1 and Side 2 on Amazon!

We’ll know the winners of the CEDEC award soon, so keep your fingers crossed for us… The competition is fierce, but it’s amazing just to be recognized!