Make Your Voice Heard With Our New Fan Survey!

As we have done in the past, we have just put together a fan survey to get to know a little bit more about you, as we plan out how we bring Stray Children into the world in the future!

Are there any particular platforms you’d love to see the game released on? Are there any specific languages you’d love to see it released in?

Are you interested in special edition physical bundles? Do you want soundtracks? Figurines of the characters in the game?

All of this is possible… we just need to know that you actually want it to exist, and this is your way to tell us!

To participate, just follow this link right here and take a few minutes to let us know your thoughts!

It will be a huge help and let us know what we should focus on in the future, so feel free to pass this link to the survey on to any friends you think will also be interested in the game!

Announcing: STRAY CHILDREN, for Nintendo Switch

Hello Onion fans everywhere! As you might have spotted in Japan’s latest Nintendo Direct, we are very happy to formally announce, and invite you to enter…

Stray Children, our new RPG, coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

Stray Children is a bittersweet fairytale RPG, created by many of the same people behind beloved cult-classics like Chulip, Little King’s Story, Rule of Rose, Super Mario RPG, and, of course, Moon: Remix RPG Adventure, the game we re-released in English in 2021.

The story of Stray Children begins like so:

One day, a young boy is sucked into a TV set and awakens to find himself in a land made up entirely of children.

So begins the boy’s adventures in this strange and dangerous wonderland.

As you can tell from our regular development diaries and newsletter, work is still heavily underway on the game and its localization, but we have updates planned for you in the future! To stay on top of the latest news, please:


Our newsletter will be the place where we post all new information about Stray Children, before you see it anywhere else!

We hope you’re as excited to enter the world of Stray Children as we are for you to see it!


Come join us in the official Onion Games Discord to let us know how excited you are for Stray Children, and to meet other friendly onions, just like you!

Get Moon for Nintendo Switch, Now on!

Missed your chance to pick up the physical version of our re-released cult-classic anti-RPG moon? Worry no more!!!

You can now pre-order a Nintendo Switch copy of this beautifully boxed and bookshelf-bound version of moon, right from mamazon, thanks to our friends at Limited Run Games!


Due to be released on September 8th, 2023, don’t sleep on this second chance, and experience the love, right in your very own actual hands!

Want to show off your copy of moon to other friendly Onions just like you? Join us here in our official Onion Games Discord Channel!

MOON Collector’s Edition is Available Now!

Still haven’t experienced our re-release of the cult-classic anti-RPG moon, or want to fully experience it in Collector’s Edition form? We’ve got you covered!

Our friends at Limited Run Games have just opened pre-orders for both a Standard and Collector’s Edition of the game on Nintendo Switch, which you can go get right now!


This is it! Your chance to fill your shelves with all the additional art and sounds we prepared to commemorate the re-release — we think you’re going to love it!

Pre-orders for the game close on April 2nd, 2023, so click this link right here to get it while you still can!

Want to talk moon with other friendly Onions just like you? Join us here in our official Onion Games Discord Channel!

Mon Amour is now available on Mac!

Sorry to keep you waiting! Just a quick morning update to let you all know that Mon Amour is now available for Mac on Steam!

Check our recent Steam post on all the great fan and press reactions to the game over here, and grab Mon Amour now for your iMac, MacBook Pro, or Mac Mini right down here! 👇

(As usual, you can also grab it on Nintendo Switch!)

Tweet your most incredible high-score (or your instant crushing defeat) along with us using the game’s official hashtag! 👉 #KissMeMonAmour, and check the game’s official and freshly-updated homepage for wallpapers, icons and much more!

Want to talk Mon Amour with other friendly Onions just like you? Join us in our official Onion Games Discord Channel!

Mon Amour is now available on Nintendo Switch & Steam!

Pucker up! Mon Amour is now available on the Nintendo Switch and Steam for just $8.99/€7.99/£6.99/¥980!! Watch our lyrical trailer above to feel the love!



Coverage from around the world is already rolling in! We want to kiss this new video from Hikikomori Media that perfectly encapsulates what Mon Amour is, from its roots in the XINGISKAN mini-game from Moon: Remix RPG Adventure, to the deceptively simple mechanics that belie just how refined, tuned, and complicated its score-chasing mechanics really are!

It’s a super great introduction to what exactly Mon Amour is, and we’re so happy people are connecting with the game! Go watch it now!

We hope you’ll love the game as much as we loved bringing it to you!

Want to talk Mon Amour with other friendly Onions just like you? Join us in our official Onion Games Discord Channel!

Pre-order Mon Amour now for Nintendo Switch & Steam!

The time has come! You can now pre-order our insta-death kissing action game Mon Amour for the Nintendo Switch and Steam! Watch our brand new lovey-dovey lyrical trailer to feel the love!

Mon Amour will be released October 14th, 2021, for just $8.99/€7.99/£6.99/¥980!


Are you ready to rescue the princess and all 64 of her loyal royal subjects? Find out more information on Mon Amour at its brand new website, and pre-order now for Nintendo Switch and Steam!

If you’re still wondering… what exactly is Mon Amour? Read on to find out all the details!


MOON and BLACK BIRD are coming to PS4 and PS5!

The rumors are true! Not only will our 1997 cult-classic re-release of Moon: Remix RPG Adventure be coming soon to Steam, but we are very proud to announce that we will soon be releasing the game for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4!

You can wishlist the game on the PlayStation Store right now and get notified as soon as it’s available!

Above you’ll find the new trailer with all the places you’ll soon be able to find Moon, and below, even more news!

That’s right! Our original operatic side-scrolling shooter Black Bird will also be soon joining the Sony family, with a release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5! It’s also live on the PlayStation Store for you to wishlist, right now!

We hope you’re as excited as we are for all of the new ways you’ll be able to play our little games! Come join us in our Official Onion Discord and let us know!

Moon and Mon Amour are coming to Steam!

Good morning to all lovely Onions around the world! We come to you with good news! You have asked, and we have listened, and we can officially announce that Moon: Remix RPG Adventure is coming to Steam!

It was one year ago today that Moon was released in the West on Nintendo Switch — the first time it was available in English since the game was first released in 1997!

Now, our Steam page is officially open, where you can get more details and add it to your wishlist!

But that’s not all! Our quest to put an Onion game on every computer in the world does not end here!

Our newest game, Mon Amour is also coming to Steam, and you can wishlist that game right now as well!

You might be wondering… what exactly is Mon Amour? Read on to find out all the details!


MOON Merchandise Is Now Available Worldwide!

Hello to all of our lovely onions from around the world! We have some news! Some big news!

We have partnered with our friends at Tokyo Otaku Mode to release moon merchandise worldwide! Previously, this merchandise was only available in pop-up shops around Japan, but now you can pre-order all these amazing gifts for yourself!

Click right over here to peruse Tokyo Otaku Mode’s moon shop… There are T-shirts! Pins! Stickers! Mugs that change colors when you fill ’em with something warm! Keychains! And so much more!

Excited for the merch drop? Come join us in our Official Onion Discord to let us know what you’re picking up, and send us photos when it arrives!

Join us behind the fold to see product shots of what’s available — we can’t wait to see what you’ve picked up!