BLACK BIRD Has Been Nominated for a CEDEC Award!

We are honored! Our operatic side-scrolling shooting game Black Bird has just been nominated for best sound design by CEDEC, Japan’s game developer conference awards!

We are in great company, as well — the other nominees are Ace Combat 7, Devil May Cry 5, and even Tetris Effect for PlayStation VR! Man.. all these games are great!

If you haven’t tried Black Bird yet, you can buy it for Windows and Mac by clicking here, and for your Nintendo Switch by clicking here! You can also see more at our Black Bird webpage over here.


Black Bird‘s synchronized soundtrack was composed by the great Hirofumi Taniguchi. He’s also written the music for games like our own Million Onion Hotel, Chulip, and even Chibi-Robo! for the GameCube! The soundtrack for the game is available as an optional download on Steam, or you can even buy Side 1 and Side 2 on Amazon!

We’ll know the winners of the CEDEC award soon, so keep your fingers crossed for us… The competition is fierce, but it’s amazing just to be recognized!

Pre-order Dandy Dungeon Now For 30% Off!


Whooaaaa.. yeahhh! Cue the music, cue the lights! It’s that time! Dandy Dungeon is now available for pre-order for the Nintendo Switch, everywhere in the world!

But even better… you can pre-order Dandy Dungeon for 30% off from now until June 27th, when it will be released!

That’s so much money off! You’d be really nuts not to…


Want to know more about Dandy Dungeon? You can click here to read a bunch more about it, or go visit the official website to see more, and listen to a few tracks from its incredible soundtrack! It’ll get you super pumped to play!

It’s only a few weeks now until the game will be released… we hope you are as excited as we are, and will go pre-order the game now!


DANDY DUNGEON will be released worldwide June 27th!

[UPDATE: You can pre-order the game right now, for 30% off (!!), until June 27th, 2019!]

Hello to all friendly onions across the world! Today, we are pleased to announce… Dandy Dungeon will be released on the Nintendo Switch everywhere in the world in just a few short weeks — on June 27th, 2019!

Please enjoy the first look at our nostalgic and super romantic rogue-lite RPG in motion, with our new trailer up above, and over here at our brand new website! The trailer features the smooth vocal stylings of our super-secret mystery guest singer, Nagasa Bonus! Man, those pipes… perfect for coding a game to…


So, how do you play Dandy Dungeon? By using either your joystick, or touching the screen on the Nintendo Switch itself, you trace a path through all the twisty little passages, from the entrance to the exit, and then watch Brave Yamada-kun venture through the dungeon himself, making short work of all the monsters, traps, bosses, and other hazards before him.


You can intervene in the action at strategic points to heal Yamada, cure his poison, or cast spells to make sure he lives to dive even deeper. Plus, you get a big bonus if you manage to navigate every square of the dungeon floor all at once!


That’s just the beginning, though: as Yamada gets better at the game, he levels up in real life, and learns to implement even more features into his game. Suddenly, all the dungeons are randomly generated and different every time you play!

Using the loot you grab in each world — even old useless junk you thought would never come in handy — you can upgrade and enhance all your weapons, shields, and matching outfits to unlock new abilities, and get deeper into dungeons than you ever could before!


Plus! The Nintendo Switch version of Dandy Dungeon will include an all-new world leaderboard! You can compete with your friends to see who’s the bravest Yamada-kun around, and show the world which gear is best for each dungeon. There are so many combinations… even we don’t know! But we know it won’t take long before you show us!


It won’t be long at all until you’ll be able to pre-order Dandy Dungeon for the Nintendo Switch… but until then, why not come tell us how excited you are by joining our new Discord server for friendly onions? And look forward to more dandy news, very soon!

Announcing: DANDY DUNGEON for the Nintendo Switch!


[UPDATE: You can pre-order the game now, for 30% off (!!), until June 27th, 2019!]

Hello Onion fans everywhere! We are happy to finally announce… Dandy Dungeon ~Legend of Brave Yamada~ will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2019!

This is Dandy Dungeon as it’s always meant to be played: rebalanced for console release, and full of all of the monsters, loot, secrets, and surprises you could possibly want, plus brand new exclusive features!


The game will making its worldwide debut at the upcoming BitSummit event in Kyoto, Japan, June 1st & 2nd! If you are also attending, please be sure to come to the Onion Games booth, play the game, and get one of our special cards we’ve made for you!

Also available at the booth will be brand new Dandy Dungeon badges (that’s them up there), as well as new live concert CDs, and more of all of the amazing merch we have available at the Onion Store.


Dandy Dungeon is the story of Yamada-kun (Age 36), a programmer at a major game publisher. He hates his job. Alone in his apartment, deep into the night, he toils to create a game of his own: it’s an RPG, and he is the hero, Brave Yamada!

One day, he falls in love at first sight with his new neighbor Maria-chan. In an effort to nurture these feelings, he adds Princess Maria into his game!

Will Yamada-kun and Maria-chan find love?

Is destiny pre-programmed, or randomly generated? Is love a bug or a feature?

Find out in this unique, puzzling rogue-lite RPG, coming Summer 2019 from Onion Games!

We will be releasing many more details about the Nintendo Switch version of Dandy Dungeon at BitSummit, so please stay tuned for that, and sign up for our new mailing list to get all the news first!

Oh yeah… you can now also find us in our newly updated Onion Games Room Discord channel by clicking here! Drop by and say hello!