humble naked man of Shinjuku

Even though I don’t like the word “if”, 

But I often ask to my self “if”.


While I am walking around street  of shinjuku 3-choume without drinking beer.

I was thinking about my stupidity.

“If I am wiser,I will have better life?”
What a ridiculous question to myself !!

“If my past work succeeded more ,Am I working for making game much better now?”
It is stupid question. but I can not stop to think about it.

And also I continue to ask to my self automatically,
“If I am more famous ,If I am much wiser, I use kickstarter?”
“If my past work sold well,then I could have work as a producer in big famous publisher ?”
These thought is incredibly stupid and ridiculous.

Unfortunately my work was not sold well.
I must admit that I was bad producer for the company.
It is very true:-(

but,My onion ask to me  like this also.
“Unfortunately?  Really?”

I remember what I was.

I was like a knight in armor called producer.
I was like a knight in armor called officer of company.

And that armor was heavy ,hard ,very serious, and it was cursed by the spell called “arrogance”.

Fortunately,I am able to take off this armor recently.

I became humble naked man of Shinjuku.


Fortunately,I can think my future and new game ideas.
And fortunately I am able to be walking around street of shinjuku-3chome without drinking beer.

Yoshiro Kimura


Less is more ? is this true?

My tiny onion says to me,

“This is you when you are 70 years old.”



Even though my onion says very miserable anticipation of my future,
I love my tiny one 🙂

By the way My aim is still same as before.
“I want to entertain people by my own Idea. “

It is same as before surely.But my thought is changed a little.

I should not mind about big budget and I do not want to think about proper management for big team too much.
I wanted to escape from that world .And I want to recover my creativity.

And for my creativity , most important things is not money.
Most important and necessary things for me is Friendship and Imagination.
In this way, the priority of money is very low in my mind now.

I am thinking only one thing like this.
“I should concentrate to think what I want to express. “
Even if it is very strange and crazy. I will be OK.

My aged  europe friend says ” Less is more”
I am feeling it is right recently.
Will I become miserable old man ? ,So what ?
Life is very short. We are going to die anyway.


Onion asked me often like this.
“But, don’t you need some money anyway? “

Yes,I need money. but most important things are not money.

“Don’t you need money for making video game like your Chulip? You need a lot !!”
Yes,I need money.I need help.

But most important things are not money.
There is treasure inside of my heart.There is treasure called friendship.

 My first step is not “collecting money”,is not  “thinking about  kick starter”.I want to discover the soul of Chulip in my heart again.

Yoshiro kimura

Hello to the world from Drifting onion

I am the one of game designer who is living in the island that earthquake happen a lot. I did make Onion Games last year, but I could not work for it for some reason.

 Finally I can start the activity of “Onion Games” recently.
I can answer  about this question now.

“What is Onion Games ?”

“Onion Games is tiny team for making indie game. ”

“We are working in Sinjuku 3choume near the Marunouchi Line. ”
I was making games for Game console.
For example, My works are Little king’s story, Chulip,moon,Rule of Rose … and so on. I was working as director or producer or writing story. or I was drawing simple story board sometime.

I have spend the time half of my life.
Fortunately my works have a color of myself a lot. so I love my own past work very much. It was really happy that I could have produced some my works in the big japanese video game industry.
I respect them very much.

But I think I start to walk another way from now on for my videogame.
I must make the new place, I must explore to new horizon which I do not know.


Please Let me drift like this.
and let me go to another dimension.
Even if it is very strange and crazy. I wii be feeling OK.

Yoshiro kimura